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Wake up immersed in the memories of the most recondite civilization on the planet. Arpa is a Puzzle-Platformer game that places you in the situation in which you must handle the scarce energy reserves of fire opal energy stagnant for centuries in the constructions of the ancestors. Use your wits to complete the challenges of a wonderful land full of puzzles and explore the ancestral ruins. Reach the top, recover the power of the Mother Stone and return this land to life. 

The player control  a girl who has to solve the various puzzles using energy. His existence is due to a catastrophe which cause the shortage of energy on the planet, and the goal is to return it. Player goals is resold the different puzzles durint the "trip". She can interact with any object that works in order to move forward.


The habitants of the ancient civilization suffered a thunderstorm that left them without their power source, opal fire energy. You have the capacity of recollect power, so you must to try return the live on the land, with the energy reserves that continue on the generators. Make your way through the map using activators or levers, and overcoming bridges and labyrinths to return the power to the Mother Stone. 

The puzzles of the game are in an incredible map invaded and flooded by nature. The green and red of vegetation and the white marble of the ruins will accompany you all the way. The sounds of the birds and the quiet music will relax you while you resolve the puzzles. Our art style, that is cartoon / hand painted, gives our game a lot of personality. 

The Creators:

- Programmer: Adrián Vargas

- 3D Artist: Marc Puig

- Level Designer: Guillem Vallès

- Sound Composer: Sam Oz

-ZENIAK GAMES: https://twitter.com/zeniakgames






ARPA_ZeniakGames.zip 148 MB


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I really like the aesthetics of the game but I do have some overall critics. Progress wise I reached the triple circle (Tower of Hanoi) puzzle, got frustrated a bit :) and quit. Anyhow here is some feedback:

- Since the game is about energy, you can improve on that. Currently gameplay wise - its get "energy" from somewhere and solve a 5,6,7 step puzzle that doesn't feel connected to the energy theme at all.

- Control wise I managed to quickly get the hang of it, but after a couple of minutes of play, It still didn't feel intuitive. Responsiveness wise (go in a direction, jump) it doesn't feel right.

- Also the game being above energy - reflect that on the character and control - make her faster while she has energy, give her abilities that consume energy and are part of a puzzle.

- If the game is about moving around (gets boring fast) and solving custom puzzles (puzzle challenge), improve on the ways the character is moving around. Games are supposed to be toys, and if the only thing that feels like a toy is the puzzle then the navigating part is obsolete. Improve on that.

Also - I get that the game may be in the very early stages of dev, but the fundamentals should be there first. 

Sorry if I've missed out something important later on in the game, but the Tower of Hanoi puzzle felt very frustrating :)

Best of luck guys!

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Hello! Thank you very much for your comment. We have your opinion in mind to continue improving things that do not work so well. We will update the project and these tips help us a lot :)